Where Professionalism and Empathy are always on duty!
Where Professionalism and Empathy are always on duty!

Our Team

Dave Sprinks

Director of Operations

Dave left home at the age of 15 years and 4 months and Joined the Royal Navy . He started his career as a Marine engineering mechanic. He served on Shore bases and ships all over the world.  It was during his time in The Navy he decided to take a different course in his career and did a branch change to Medical branch. Where he trained at RNH Haslar.

He left the Navy in 1978 and got married later the same year. He then joined Thames Valley Police force  and eventually became a police dog handler. He left the force in 1987 After Hungerford Massacre.

In 2009 Dave decided to return to the medical profession and started to work for the independant ambulance sector working for and alongside the NHS trusts but remaining within the private sector . Having worked across SCAS sector, working in Bucks, Berks, Hants areas. He then changed companies and worked for a company in SECAMB  area . It was whilst working in SECAMB area that Dave in December 2012 decided to start Mendip Medical Services.

The company was formed on providing 1st Aid training and  Event medical cover .  This has been on going since the inception of the business and has gone from strength to strength and on 22nd August 2017 has become Mendip Medical Ltd.

Chris Knox

Clinical Director

Chris wasnt as brave to leave home so early as Dave or join the Navy. He did however start off with the army cadets and later with the TA serving with the Royal Engineers and Staffordshire regiments. In 1989 Chris decided to join the Ambulance service and worked his way up from PTS assistant to Paramedic by 2000. Chris also qualified as a paramedic instructor and skills / portfolio assessor and mentor. Chris had experience on all frontline vehicles ending his 18 and a half year NHS career in 2005. Chris then went on to train to become a Forensic Paramedic, Flight Medic Disability Analyst as well as becoming Director of Operations, creating and managing busy emergency contracts in the private sector for several companies. Chris and Dave both got introduced together back in 2009 and have worked together many times over the years. Chris has come into the company bringing a vast amount of experience with him from many different aspects that will only compliment the infrastructure and goals of Mendip Medical Ltd.

Tina Knox

Director of Resources

.Tina has also come to us with a 9 year history within the Private Ambulance Sector. In addition to being married to the Clinical Director, she also has know Dave since 2008 and had the pleasure to work with both the other Directors throughout her career. Tina is a highly motivated and professional woman that has handled many large contracts over the years including the resourcing for 3 NHS Trust A&E Contracts. She has succesfully managed over 300 staff and proven ability as a Resources Director. Tina shared the ethos of leading by example and as a result she took the FPOS intermediate course as an ECA so that she could go on the ambulances to work with the staff to build empathy within her own role. This made her very popular amongst the staff.


Haiden Albrow

Business Support Manager

Haiden has been with the company since it was first set up by Dave in 2012.

After completing his training as an Emergency Care Assistant, Haiden worked part-time as an event medic and eventually a Team leader whilst completing his degree in International Politics and Military History at Aberystwyth University.

Upon completion of his degree, he took a full time position within the company as a Business Support Manager, with responsibilities towards
staff liaison, event co-ordination and company administration. Haiden also continues to keep up with his clinical skills by continuing to provide his skills for the company as a qualified ECA


Our team

Mendip Medical Ltd consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

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