Where Professionalism and Empathy are always on duty!
Where Professionalism and Empathy are always on duty!

Our Mission Statement

Success is not measured by the benefit of wealth we achieve, but in what we achieve for the benefit of others!


Mendip Medical Ltd. are committed to providing the very best quality of care to our service users by;

  • Always ensuring the dignity and respect of those in our care as well as those who provide the care.
  • Encouraging the involvement of service users in the provision of care that they receive.
  • In maintaining a high calibre of the staff we employ or use in the provision of services we provide to service users.
  • Ensuring high standards of efficiency and appropriateness in the vehicles and equipment that we use to provide care.
  • Provide a fair and reliable service to all service users and their representatives.
  • Maintaining the integrity and skill retention of all our staff.
  • To welcome and encourage the views and opinions of service users and their representatives and act wherever practicable to do so.


About Mendip Medical Ltd

Mendip Medical Ltd is a Private Ambulance Service that is being developed by a team of individuals that have dedicated their lives to helping the public from various disciplines. Our vision is to continue the development of the company whilst maintaining focus on patient care and its delivery. Between the Directorate and senior managers we are proud to share a collective experience of over 50 years in public service. 


Unlike many companies that are designed on a basis of a `Get rich quick' scheme and become focussed on profit first, care second, MML as a company does not share this sentiment. It is fair to say that no company would exist or be successful without profit and at MML we are no exception to this basic concept. However, as a responsible caring company, we prefer to be judged by the way we develop and achieve profit, at a slow and steady rate. Whilst we remain profitable we are proud of the way we have achieved each step without sacrificing quality of the care that we provide. This is something that as individuals and collectively we hold dear and will continue to strive towards the goal of being one of the most successful ambulance services in operation in the UK. Remembering that success is determined as `.....the accomplishment of an aim or purpose' whereas some aim to be the biggest or richest, for us we just aimto be the best. We will let you decide.   

Our benefits at a glance

  • Dedicated team of proven professionals within the field with over 50 years collective service experience.
  • Fully qualified staff to UK NHS standards as a minimum with no generic qualifications to mimic trusted professionals. 
  • Vehicles and equipment that are capable of doing the job they are tasked to do to complement the staff.
  • Pricing structure that will remain competative within the market as our focus is on the care we provide and not just the profit.

Need more info about us and our services?

We're always happy to help. Contact us on 01749 428 468  or use our contact form.

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